Customer Agreement for Digital Certificates


Vast Euro1 Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Parent”) AND you (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”)


entered into a Customer Master Agreement (“Agreement”) effective from 9 January, 2015 of which this “Digital Certificate Product Agreement Extension” is a part.

WHEREAS, Parent sells digital certificates of Thawte;

NOW, THEREFORE, Parent and the Customer, hereby agree as follows:

1. Customer Election. Customer hereby elects to purchase Thawte digital certificates through Parent

2. Parent’s Acceptance. Parent hereby accepts Customer’s election to purchase Thawte digital certificates through Parent.


Vast Euro1 Ltd and of it’s Group Activities – Services etc. can change anytime with any obligation to provide informations or any other notification to anybody or any obligation for damages and reserves the right to change, withdraw, close, make known, to publish, at its own will and choice for everything or for anything relating to services or the accounts of its customers or its active presence in the market or even revoke the whole service without any prior notice, change it’s policy or services-hosting plans-server services-domain name sercvices etc. or public reporting and having no liability to any third party client or not customers and clients with no obligation to pay compensation or any other harm to anyone, Vast Euro1 Ltd reserve all rights to change all or recall all of it’s revice at any time and without any notice without having any obligation to anybody as idividual – private or public organization – pricate or public company or to anyother which can rise such kind of request.