Support – Account Limits

 If you came to this page from this means that currently performing maintenance and will be back shortly.
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Support Team

  1. Support: We want to keep our services free or with very low prices and due to that we provide a very limited support service.
    You have all the tools into your panel so to proceed without any help from us.
  2. Limits – SOS!!!
    1. Don’t keep Backups into server.
    2. Softaculous giving the option for autoback never allow this.
    3. Each Database must not over 1GB per base.
    4. A file can be up to 1GB not over this.
    5. You can have till 250.000 files per account. (This is about 250.000GB or 2.500TB or 2.5PB) we believe it’s good for any website!!!!!!!
    6. Emails – You can send no more than 19 emails per minute (using PHP) and 9 emails/minute (using SMTP). Additionally, You are allowed to send up to 100 emails/hour.
    7. Read our TOS.